The Feeling Of Being in Nature


As I write this, I sit reflecting back on all the times that I have been in nature and the combination of feelings that I have had at the time and after the exposure to nature.

For me, nature is absolutely anything outside of my house, office, workspace and which is filled to the brim with greens, yellows, blues, even grey’s and whites at times. This is sun, grass, water, clouds and sky. I love them all, they bring their unique space, standing in the same space two days in a row is compeltely different. I love it.

On visits to Cornwall, it is my routine to visit the beach and sit on a massive rock, right next to the sea and just let the breeze, be it a strong or a calm, flow over me. Close my eyes and simply let the world sink away from me. Don’t get me wrong, I used to think it was a certain type of person that would do this.

However, on one single occassion, I arrived and it was quite late in to the evening and the time was jogging on to midnight and I thought I would postpone my little ritual until the following day. The next day came and I went off to another place to do some surfing and enjoyed it a lot, went through the weekend and it was a pleasant weeknd. There was one thing missing ….. the calm and relaxed me!

I did not realise until I returned and felt that I had not even had a break away, that I was stumbling form one day to the next and all this I put down to not spending twenty minutes, feeling the breeze, experiencing the sea sounds, listening to absolutely nothing other than the calming effects of the rythmic rolling waves sliding up and down the beach …. on occassions, crashing of the beach.

Many years on and I still subscribe to going away and taking the time to just find somewhere in nature to stand or sit and just be, even for ten minutes, to let the sounds of nature, be they birds, be it a river flow, a tree waving with the breeze or simply silence, allowing it to just be.

The total sense of calm, peace, enjoying my own space and time cannot be described enough. I really do enjoy sitting on the side of a mountain, at the beach head, in a country field or riverside.

A recent research study by Dr Mattehw White, University of Exeter shows, what I have believed for a long time, but the evidence is that 120 minutes of outdoor time per week benefits by:

  • Reduction in anxiety
  • Improvement with depression
  • Recalibrates a fatigued brain
  • Reduces rumination

The 120 minutes can be taken as a one of time or over a period of the week but the key is 120 minutes. (LINK TO RESEARCH)

I am currently expanding my practice to encompass these great outdoor opportunities to find the peace and calm in sessions, so that clients can use these whenever they feel the need to away from our sessions.

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