Frequent Questions

A few questions about counselling & sessions

Coming to counselling
Coming to counselling is something I feel so passionate about, not only when we feel overwhelmed, low or with other challenges. Coming to counselling gives us a space where, together, we can confidentially explore the issues that you bring or that come up for you, without any judgement or pressure. I would really like to say that it is normal to feel periods of high and low moods, to have stresses in our lives and find it difficult to understand. At times we find it hard to manage workloads, family life and relationships and counsellings offers us the time to step back and work through these life challenges.

Here are some of the frequent questions that are asked and I would love to extend the invitation to you to ask any questions you may have.

Our time together, what happens and how long for

Each session that we have is 50 minutes and this allows us to explore any issues you may want to bring on the day or that come up through our session.

If you happen to run a few minutes late, this happens from time to time and if you are able to let me know that would be helpful. The session will still end at the same time due to other bookings and it also maintains the boudary that is such a significant part of working in the way that we do.

Should you not come along within 15 minutes of the start of the session, this does affect the therapy and the work within the sessions and so will be treated as a cancellation. It may be that the fee for this session is still payable.

Our first appointment

Working together is an important step to decide on and during our 50 minute appointment, we will work through where life is for you at the moment and what it is that you would like to get from counselling. We will look at how we would work together and confidentiality.

If you feel comfortable to continue then we will look at agreeing some further appointments.

If I am not able to attend

There will be times where you will need to cancel a session or a life event will happen and you will need to rearrange our time. I use a system called Acuity Scheduling to manage appointments and if you need to rearrange our scheduled session. The system will not allow a cancellation within 24 hours of our appointment and will still apply the payment for that session.

There are times when you may not feel like coming and there will be reasons for this. There is some really good therapeutic work that is done at this time and I would really encourage you to come and work through these feelings.

Ending, is it ok?

The ending is generally in your hands. It is something that we do not shy away from though. We may agree a number of sessions and so will know a defined ending and that is something we work towards.

If there is a more open pace of working we will build the ending in to how we work.

Healthy endings are really important, they can be one of the biggest pieces of therapuetic working. It can not be underestimated what a good and healthy ending can bring to us as individuals.


Our time together is so important and understanding that the work we do together and the therapy and topics we share will remain between us and I will not disclose this information outide of therapy.

There are a few exceptions to this confidentiality, which are:

  • Where there is a risk to you as an individual or to another person and in particular to a young person.
  • Where an offence is spoken about or a threat to national security
  • If there is a court order in place that requires me to.

As part of my ethical working, I am required to attend monthly supervision, where I discuss my anonymised case load and make sure that I am working within the boundary of my ethical body (British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy – BACP 909623).

I would like to express that whatever you are ready to bring to counselling I am ready to be with you, together, exploring them.

Making appointments

Our first appointment will be booked when we speak on the telephone or our initial email discussions. After that we will organise our appointments either at the end of each session or for a number of sessions which will be booked on the online booking system and confirmed by email.

Price & Payment
The initial appointment is £30 and this is a 50 minute appointment.

The price for each session is £35.00, however, there is a fee structure for blue light services and students of counselling.

Payment is normally available from the time you get your confirmation email and you click the link and it will take you through the rest.

We will discuss our appointments either in a group of dates or at the end of each session. You will then receive a confirmation by email and a further confirmation the day before the session.
Number of sessions

The amount of sessions will all depend on the work you would like to do. There may be reasons to have a set number of sessions or there may be times where you have had some sessions and you wish to have more support. I am very flexible around your needs.

Directions & Parking
I work from a suite in Orton Longueville, Peterborough. There is ample free parking outside which you are free to use during our time together.
As the door is locked and unlocked when you arrive, please use the doorbell at the time of our appointment to let me know you have arrived.

It takes a few moments to make contact and your positive changes